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MMMAHHH Playlist –

Uhhhh… So yeah. Not a Baka! They’re Quotes post again.. I can’t believe I posted three in a row.. THREE. I am so sorry. I’ve just been crazy lately, I guess. *sigh* But NEW post. This gonna be my top 10 most played songs. I’ve just been soooo into music lately. Maybe it’s cuz I’ve been listening to so many iTunes podcasts. Like a billlllion. If you have iTunes, definitely listen to Shake the Kimchi or Eat Your Kimchi (Yeah. The name tells it all.. Hahaha.) It DOES NOT mean that these are my favorites, cuz that’s just way too hard to pick. Plus, they change every few days, so I don’t wanna post one every three days.. I just wanna fill you guys on the type of music I listen to. Anyways, I love Asian music. I can’t live without it, but I also enjoy the usual American pop. Ya know, Lady GaGa and Katy Perry. Enough of me talking.. Let’s get the partay started!! 😉

I just checked my most played on iTunes.

WOW. This list is surprising. I don’t really listen to these songs that much anymore, but oh well.

K.. I should at least give some personal favorites for the moment, so 2 lists. Most played and favorites.


10. 九月 (Jiu Yue) – 唐笑 (Tang Xiao)

You guys probably have never heard of this girl before.. I can get that, cuz 1) It’s in Chinese.. and 2) She’s not popular, even in China. Tang Xiao was on the 2006 Super Girl contest. Super Girl is like the Chinese girl version of American Idol.. Basically. She was a finalist, and this song was sung for Chinese drama Single Princesses and Blind Dates OST (Starring Jimmy Lin, Zhao Jing, Dylan Kuo, and Hong Xiao Ling). This is a very light-hearted song. It’s kinda hard to describe.. But I loved it when I first heard it. I was seriously having a spaz attack trying to find the song. But it’s really good if you like that cute and happy kind of song.

9. 你要的爱 (Ni Yao De Ai) – 戴佩妮 (Dai Pei Ni)

If you are a die-hard c-pop or mandopop fan, you should know Dai Pei Ni. She’s been around for a long time, and this is an old song. Definitely. Just a warning, a lot of my songs are from OST’s, and this one is no different. Ni Yao De Ai was ending theme song (I think? Don’t quote me on that.) to the first season of Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden (Starring Barbie Xu, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu, and Vanness Wu). You might know this as the Taiwanese version of Boys Over Flowers. It’s a really amazing ballad. I’m not joking. Her voice is soooo gentle and it’s such a relaxing song. Loved it.

8. 不得不爱 (Bu De Bu Ai) – 潘玮柏 (Wilber Pan)

Okay. Any mandopop fan would know this song. It’s classic mandopop. Wilber Pan is definitely one of my favorite singers.. (That’s why THREE of his songs are on this list.. LOL. His rapping and singing skills are both equally good. But this song is definitely one of his best. It starts out all classy and then turns into a really nice ballad. The girl who features in this song is 弦子 (Xian Zi) and she’s also a really popular Taiwanese singer. Her part in the beginning is music to my ears. Anyways. This song was a hit for me.

7. Lalala.. Love Song – As One

Finally. A k-pop song. Sorry. The last three have been mandopop. Movin’ on. This song is just so cutesy and it just makes you wanna smile really really big. OST track also, it’s of The World That They Live In (Starring Hyun Bin (HOT. Watch it just for him. and Song Hye Kyo. BEAUTIFUL). I love how it plays at the end of the drama where they show all of Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo’s kiss scenes. But this is just a happy song. That’s all I’m gonna say. But the English is really weird.. I thought they were speaking Korean at first. I didn’t know until I looked up the lyrics of the song.. HAhaha..

6. 亲爱陌生人 (Qin Ai Mo Sheng Ren) – 丁当 (Ding Dang)

To be honest, I have no idea how this song got onto this list. I thought that I didn’t listen to this song that much at first. It’s not that I don’t like the song, but this isn’t one of my favorites, even in the past. But I luurve Ding Dang. She has that amazing voice that every fantastic singer has. Seriously. And also, yet again. It’s an OST track from Chinese drama That Love Comes (Starring Joe Cheng… HOT. -.-; and Li Fei Er) But her two songs 我爱他 (Wo Ai Ta) and 突然想爱你 (Tu Ran Xiang Ai Ni) from Taiwanese drama Autumn’s Concerto (Starring Mah Boy, Vanness Wu and Ady An). Those are some grrrreat songs. But this song is really nice too.

5. Wish – Arashi

This song basically represents the happy part of my life.. (LOL. I admit. I am happy all the time.) But when I first listened to this song (3rd grade…..), I was instantly sucked into the song. I first listened to Wish when I was watching Hana Yori Dango (And yes. It’s the opening theme song.) and it was so good. My story about this song is… When I watched Hana Yori Dango, I was in China and I had no idea it was Hana Yori Dango.. I thought it was a random show that was amazing. It took me two years to find Hana Yori Dango and Wish, cuz I obviously didn’t know the song either.. 😦 But TWO years. I don’t even remember how I found the drama. There are still dramas that I’ve watched that I still don’t know the name of… Okay. It was 1st grade. I don’t have the best memory in the world…. But this song just has that happy feel that no one can resist. 🙂 The video is a fanmade video of the drama, so it’s even better..

4. 我们都怕痛 (Wo Men Dou Pa Tong) – 潘玮柏 (Wilber Pan)

I don’t understand how this song ISN’T my #1. Seriously. It’s one of my all time favorites. It’s a ballad, but the lyrics and music are just soooooooo fantastic elastic (LOL. I love k-pop. But not Shinee.. I’m sorry, Shinee fans. It’s just that.. Well. There’s no reason.. Maybe it’s cuz two of my best friends llllluuuuuurrrrrrvvvvvvveeeeeee Shinee. I guess it’s just rubbed off wrong on me). Anyway (Gettin’ way WAY too off topic here.. ), this is from Taiwanese drama Endless Love (Starring Wilber Pan (Of course..) and Sandrine Pinna). The drama was okay… I haven’t been so impressed with Taiwanese dramas these days.. Where’s the Fated to Love You stuff?? Where? It’s frustrating. Having all these dramas that I’m just not loving.. But I have to say, I did try to watch some of the episodes when it came out on Sundays, so it’s got my approval (Or maybe it’s just the song.. Guilty. -_-;;;;) But when I heard this song, I was SOLD. It took so long for the whole song to come out. SO LONG. But best song ever……….. (I may contradict myself later.. Watch out. *rawr*)

3. Magic – KARA

I don’t know how this song on this list either.. Don’t get me wrong. KARA is great. But they have better songs that I love more. My first time listening to this song was actually with my best friend. She’s a k-pop fanatic, just like me. We’re total fangirls…. But she had this song on her iPod (And Honey, which is also by KARA, which I actually like better.) and I was like. Dude. What is this song? At that time, KARA wasn’t really on my “Great k-pop bands list”, so I didn’t pay attention to them as much as like.. Big Bang or Super Junior. But Magic attracted me (*Nudge* Get it???????? *pause* *silence* Okay. I’m horrible at puns… Sorry). It was actually really good when I started to listen to it, but as usual, these types of girlie songs (KARA, SNSD) aren’t really on my top 10 for very long. Mainly cuz it’s just so easy to get use to. After a while, I was just like.. This is just a normal song. Nothing special… Yeah. Music gets old very fast for me….. But this song is good. But not something I would be crazy about.

2. Tell Me – 潘玮柏 (Wilber Pan)

I think the person who sung this song first was Uhm Jung Hwa (LOVE her. 😀 She’s an amazing actress.) but I’m not sure. Anyways, I promise (AN JELL!!!!! Sorry.) that this will be the last Wilber Pan song. It’s just that I love his style of music. It’s exactly my style. And Tell Me didn’t disappoint me. It’s the pop song that they play at the club that everybody loves and dances to. It’s catchy and I dance to it all the time. I don’t listen to this song as much anymore, because as I said, I get over songs easily. There has never been a song that I have loved since I started listening to Asian music. Never. I don’t know why. But this song was on mahh playlist for some time, and you gotta give Wilber Pan some credit. He is an amazing singer. Three songs made it on to my top 10 most played list. For some background history, I listened to this song in 5th grade with my cousin (Who I love cuz she’s the one who brought into the Wonderland World of Asian Music) and I instantly fell in love with the song. Since then, I kinda forgot about this song and I recently found this song and fell in love with it again. One of the best songs by Wilber Pan.. After Wo Men Dou Pa Tong.

*Drumroll* Who’s gonna be numbah 1?

1. I Go Crazy Because Of You – T-ara

When I saw this, I was like. WHATTT???????? It’s T-ara?? I love T-ara, but I never imagined them to be number 1. I gotta admit, I listen to this song a lot when it was newly added on my phone. It was my go to song whenever I needed any song to listen to. It’s a wonderful song.. That’s kinda all I need to say. It’s not the best song ever, but it is one of my favorites. So.. Yeah??? As you can tell, I don’t have much to say about this song…

And on to my current favorites… I’ll list three.

And something extra, I’ll list my best friend’s favorite song. 🙂

8282 – Davichi

Her brief description: She justs likes it.. Doesn’t know why. But she first heard it and favorited (I don’t care if it’s not word. It is in my dictionary.) on YouTube. She forgot about the song and heard it again. She spend months looking for the song (Kinda like my Wish- Arashi situation.. Except mine was way worse… Two years.) and she finally found it this year. So this is her favorite song. EVER. 🙂

And here’s my favorite 3 at the moment.

Love Girl – CN Blue

Ohhhh. Emmm. Jeeeeeeeeee. I LURVE this song to death. It’s like the most amazing song ever (Maybe not after a few weeks, but I’m currently obsessing over it. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this, but I absolutely love CN Blue. I’m a die-hard CN Blue fangirl. They are hottttt. And the music video was genius. I was completely sold when Jong Hyun put the lampshade over his head. But I wished the girl would be someone different… :/ They are totally the style of music I would listen to. Definitely one of the best songs I’ve ever listened to.

Love Class – Mighty Mouth ft. UEE and Hyuna

This is one of those songs I gush about all the time. Like Love Girl. First of all, Mighty Mouth are really good at rapping. Seriously. I know you’re thinking. TOP and G-dragon and all the rappers in boy and girl k-pop groups, but they aren’t really as good as Mighty Mouth or Epik High, who are amazing at rapping.. Well, G-dragon and TOP are pretty good.. And some others. But what I really love about this song, is when the singing actually happens. Basically when UEE and Hyuna start singing. Is it the chorus?? I’m not really sure. But I never knew that UEE was actually that good of a singer (… She might be auto tuned.. I don’t really know) cuz she’s usually the face of the group, like Yoona of SNSD. But go and listen to this song. It’s really fantastic elastic. :DDDDD

Twinkle Twinkle – Girl’s Day

This song is definitely my favorite girl group song. Ever. It’s soooooooo listenable (LOL. I should make my own dictionary. :DDD). And it’s one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard. Oh yeah. I haven’t watched the MV.. So I can’t really comment on that really… But I was surprised that I would like this song.. Because for girl groups, I like very fierce pop.. Like 2ne1 or 4minute. I like SNSD and Girl’s Day, but I get use to these songs really quickly… But I do like Mr. Taxi. But yeah. This song is love. 🙂

And that’s the end of my playlist.. Good, right?? I’m not sure if you guys are only into Asian dramas.. And Asian music is like.. Bleh. But it’s my love. I got into Asian music in 3rd grade. And I’ve been hooked ever since. These songs are really fantastic elastic, so listen to them. :DDD

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Baka! They’re Quotes. – Lin Xiao Ru

I know. I KNOW. I haven’t posted in years and years.. -_-;;;;;; I am SO SO Sorry. I’ve just been busy with finals and crap that I have to do. Okay. I’m kinda lying… The truth is: I’m like the biggest procrastinator ever. I’m not kidding. But it’s almost summer! And finally, I have some free time.. *sigh* Yes, this is a short post, but I definitely promise you guys some longer ones when summer finally comes.

About the drama. I haven’t really seen Love You yet, just kinda skimmed. But to be honest, I’m not digging Rainie Yang’s haircut. She looks so much better with longer hair.. Younger. And Joseph Chang and her aren’ t really the couple matched in heaven (but who is? LOL.) and they just look so weird together.. Maybe it’s just my imagination.

And about the currently airing section, I’m probably gonna stop that since I can never keep up with it..

“If people could live in the past, then I’d rather not have a future.”

– Lin Xiao Ru [Rainie Yang], (Love You, Episode 5)

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Baka! They’re Quotes. – Asada Ryutarou

I know, I know. You want to see a review. Not some quote again. But I’m just lazy like that… Though I will get a review up in a few days.. Maybe.

“By not saving a life that could be saved, that is also a crime!”

– Asada Ryutarou [Sakaguchi Kenji], (Iryu, Episode 3)

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Baka! They’re Quotes. – Yukihira Natsumi

“In this world, there is no such thing as fair.”

– Yukihira Natsumi [Shinohara Ryoko], (Unfair, Basically every episode…)

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I like the Season 2 pic better.


  • Toda Erika as Kanzaki Nao
  • Matsuda Shota as Akiyama Shinichi
  • A whole bunch of other people .. Too many to count. Too many to type. Being lazy is the way to go. 🙂

Genre: Mystery, Psychological, Thriller

Episodes: 11

Broadcast Period: April 14th, 2007 – June 23rd, 2007


Kanzaki Nao is an honest college student who receives a hundred million yen one day, along with a card saying she has been chosen to take part in the “Liar Game”. The aim of the game is to trick the other players out of their hundred million dollars. At the end, the winner gets the hundred million and the loser is a hundred million yen in debt. The next day, she receives notification that her opponent is her former teacher, Fujisawa Kazuo. She goes to him, seeking help, but ends up getting tricked into handing her money over. Desperate, she approaches the police for help, but they are unable to do anything. However, she is told of a mastermind swindler, Akiyama Shinichi, who is to be released from jail the next day. Desperate, she goes to him for help.


What is liar? It can be when your pants catch on fire. It can be lying. Or, it can be a game.                                                           What is game? It can be Scrabble. It can be prey. But it can also contain lies.

Isn’t my quote definition above so cheesy?? *sign*

I am SO SORRY for not posting a drama review for such a long time.. Worry too much about Fog Bars (TEE HEE) and that’s basically it. Obviously, 8th graders don’t have much homework, besides the fact that I’m taking Algebra II.

Well, Liar Game is probably the best mystery/thriller and legit (Maybe not..) drama you can find. Well, I think so.

Yes, it’s about a gullible and honest college student Kanzaki Nao (Toda Erika, Code Blue) asking Akiyama Shinichi (Matsuda Shota, Hana Yori Dango), a genius swindler to help her with the “Liar Game”.

Liar Game is a game (Duh.) where you swindle your opponents 100 million yen by lying, but the real point to this game is to get rid of human greed. If you lose, you’ll be 100 million in debt, if you win, you get to keep the 100 million yen.

Liar Game 1st Round:

Rules: If you lose, you’ll be 100 million in debt, if you win, you get to keep the 100 million yen. You’ll receive your opponent in the envelope and you get a month to trick your opponent.


Kanzaki Nao verses his former middle school teacher, Fujisawa Kazuo (Kitamura Soichiro). They both get 100 million yen and Nao got tricked into giving her 100 million to her opponent. By the time she realizes that she’s being tricked, she breaks down and goes to Akiyama Shinichi, who just got out of jail. He agrees to help if she gives half of the 100 million yen to him. She’s desperate, so she accepts. They end up renting a house next door to her Kazuo’s house to watch him 24/7. The trick to this is that he’ll think that if he came out of his house, they’ll end up stealing his money in his house, so Kazuo stays in his house to protect his money. On the last day of the 1st round, he ends up being confident that he’ll win the 100 million yen, but Akiyama tells him that Nao will win. Definitely. Kazuo doesn’t believe it, but he starts getting nervous, so he locks his 100 million yen into a safe and wraps dozens of chains around it. He finally gets the nerve to get his mail and the Liar Game envelope arrives, saying that someone will come on the day the Liar Game ends at 5 o’clock. The next day, Nao gets nervous because they still haven’t gotten the money yet, so she goes to Kazuo’s house and begs him to give her 100 million yen back, but Kazuo laughs at her and yells no. 30 minutes later, at five, someone arrives saying that they are part of the Liar Game Organization and they have come to retrieve the money. Kazuo starts getting all happy because the game ended. At that time, the doorbell rang and he opened the door looking at 3 women that say that they are part of the Liar Game Organization. He mistaken them for the extra people because 200 million is a lot to count. The 3 women say that there are just them, Kazuo gets confused and finally realized that Akiyama is in his living room. He runs to his living room finding Akiyama sitting in a chair behind the 2 suitcases holding the 200 million yen. Kazuo says that it’s the people from the Liar Game’s fault because they were suppose to come at 5, not at 6, but that was a trick. Akiyama made a fake one to put in his mailbox since Kazuo didn’t even bother to come out of his house. The Liar Game Organization confirms that there is 200 million yen and congratulates Nao on winning. Kazuo starts to yell to relieve his anger. Nao felt bad for him, so she gave her share of 50 million yen to Kazuo, on 1 condition: Never say people cannot be trusted. Akiyama gives in and hands his 50 million yen to Kazuo as well.

Liar Game 2nd Round:

Rules: Nao, Akiyama, and 20 other people who won their first rounds plays the 2nd round, where someone asks a yes or no question. If you answer in the group where the votes are majority, you leave the round and return the 100 million yen you won in the first round to clean your debt. If you win the 2nd round, the maximum you can win can be 2.1 billion yen.


Nao realizes that the Liar Game Organization is a lot bigger then she thought it was and thus she enters the 2nd round with no choice, because she doesn’t have that 100 million yen anyways. She is surprised when Akiyama replaces someone also as a player. Basically, the person Akiyama is replacing lost her 100 million to this person hypothetically called “X” and she broke down outside of the mansion, so Akiyama agreed to take her place. Everyone will live there until the round is over, and there are a total of 22 people. The game of the 2nd round is minority rule. Basically, the Liar Game staff pick a player, and that player has to come up with a yes or no question. For each question, each player gets a yes and a no card. After the player says his/her question, you have 6 hours to come up with your answer and you put it in a box. After the 6 hours is up, the Liar Game staff will count the yes and no cards to see which one is the majority and which one is the minority. The majority leaves and the minority stays. That’s how simple this game is, but it’s actually not. In the practice round, the question is: “Are you a woman?”, but it ended up that yes won even though there were more guys. That’s why this round is so complicated. Nao gets scared, so she asks Akiyama what they should do. He replies that this is a certain way to win this game: to form a team. There will be 8 members on the team. For each question, half vote yes, half vote no, which means for the first question, 4 vote yes and 4 vote no. Whoever is the majority will go home and there will only be 4 members of the team left. Basically, that happens until the round ends, and they will split the total money, which is 2.1 billion yen, into 8 even amounts.

And I’m gonna stop right there. That’s all the spoilers I’m gonna give. If you wanna know what happens, WATCH IT. Go. Right now. This post is about to end anyways. So it’s okay if you don’t read rest of the post.

Overall, LIAR GAME pwns (Who uses this word anymore… I do. (: ) every thriller out there. It has the perfect amount of thriller-ness and psychological-ness and awesome-ness. Who doesn’t wanna watch a drama like that? Oh yeah. Go watch the movie too.

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MV #12 – Tok Tok

Mighty Mouth ft. Soya – Tok Tok

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Tuning In – 1/27/11

Distractions from blogging:

  • Yes. I know. I haven’t posted in such a long time. And I’m so sorry. It’s because of finals and Christmas break and all that jazz… And just tad bit of being reeallllly lazy.. -_-;;


Currently Watching:

My Princess (MBC, 2011)

LADY~Saigo no Hanzai Profile (TBS, 2011)

Love Buffet (FTV, 2011)


Waiting for:

City Hunter (SBS, 2011)

And… That’s it. Now that I think about it…

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福氣又安康 – Easy Fortune Happy Life


  • Lan Cheng Long as Yan Da Feng
  • Chen Qiao En as Xie Fu An
  • Roy Qiu as Han Dong Jie
  • Jocelyn Wang as Jiang Zhen Zhen

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Episodes: 17

Broadcast Period: June 7th, 2009 – September 27th, 2009


Yan Da Feng’s grandfather was a hunter who had been injured, he was lucky to survive from a girl named Huang Chun Xiang, she was a herbalist, and treated him with herbal medicine. He fell in love with her, and promised he would come back for her. Years past and Da Feng’s grandfather became an herbal medication enterprise company and never did come to get Chun Xiang. Chun Xiang grew old, but never gave up, she still waited for him to come get her. Chun Xiang was also raising her daughter’s kids, Xie Fu An and Xie Pi Dan with their loyal dog Anthony. Xie Fu An also studies herbs, and one day as she was treating patients in the local hospital, Da Feng’s grandfather was suddenly having an heart attack. Rushed to the hospital, Fu An gave him herbs which helped him regain consciousness. After he woke up, because Fu An  looks like Chun Xiang, he announced that he would give away his fortune to the one who marries Fu An, Da Feng gets mad and sends out a killer to kill her (not knowing who Fu An is). Realizing that Fu An was the girl he met in the village, he agrees to marry her for the money, but when Da Feng has feelings for Fu An, he regrets setting all his traps to send her away. With their feeling starting to grow, will Han Dong Jie and Jiang Zhen Zhen come in their way? Will Xie Fu An and Yan Da Feng be together for eternal love? Or will they separate their ways…


Easy Fortune Happy Life is a drama that will make you realize how much family means to you. No doubt about it, it was an amazing drama. I’m not saying that it doesn’t have its cons, but it really is a beautiful drama. And also, the chemistry between the two leads was good, not great, but just flat out good. As for the acting…

I personally thought Lan Cheng Long fitted great into Yan Da Feng, he is exactly what I would imagine him as even before I knew who was playing him. He had the looks, the coldness, but most of all, he had the acting to pull it all off. His acting certainly wasn’t perfect, but unlike Chen Qiao En, she actually had to act out her character for the audience who she really was, whereas it felt like he naturally was born into the character, so it didn’t take much effort for him to express the inner self of the character.

You get what I mean?


Never mind, you probably didn’t.

Well, as for Chen Qiao En, I thought that she did great as Xie Fu An. She acted her like I would imagine her, but she wasn’t somehow right for the role, I guess. I would of picked another actress to take on this role, but that’s just what I think. But she’s always been one of my favorite actresses, and I think that she does at least better than average in the roles she plays, so.. Even though she acted great, I thought that her chemistry with Lan Cheng Long was somehow lacking. It’s not like her chemistry with Ethan Ruan or Ming Dao, because their chemistry factors are bigger than infinity. Wait, is their even a number larger than infinity? You know what, I’m not going to even think about it. Thinking about math just gives me a large headache. Anyway, back on topic, their chemistry was good and all, but it just wasn’t there yet. There are few actors and actresses that have absolutely perfect chemistry, so I’m not going to whine, because it wasn’t bad or anything like that.

As for the side characters, they were average, maybe a little bit above. I thought that Jocelyn Wang did great as the mean news reporter lady that everyone just wants to hate. You know, I rate side characters but either how much I hate them, how hot they are, or their acting skills. So, if I hated the 2nd lead woman a ton, then that means that she’s a pretty good actress, at least for the role she’s playing. For Roy Qiu, I mean, he did fine, it wasn’t really up to expectations, but I could stand it.

Overall, Easy Fortune Happy Life is a drama I would recommend to everyone, because it has the perfect mixture of kindness and darkness, and I think that’s why I fell in love with it..

Rating: 8.6/10

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Baka! They’re Quotes. – Liang Jing Hao

“These three years, because fate didn’t allow us to be together, the only thing I could do was to try and forget about her. I thought I could do it, but the moment I came back to Taiwan, all the memories came flooding back like waves, trying to drown me from time to time. Other from Song Rui En, I’ve never loved anyone else. Never.”

Liang Jing Hao [Wilber Pan], (Endless Love, Episode 13)

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MV #11 – I Go Crazy Because Of You

T-ara – I Go Crazy Because Of You

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