The MP3

Arashi (嵐)

How Good?: Love them.

My Opinion: Well, they are basically the only Japanese boy band I listen to.. and heard of NewS and Kanjani 8. But I loved WISH, Love So Sweet, and One Love from Hana Yori Dango.  I immediately fell in love with them when I first heard WISH. Ha! The cars are so funny!

Good Song: What I mentioned above and Truth, Happiness, Beautiful Days.



Della Ding (丁当)

How Good?: Amazing.

My Opinion: Well, I’m listening to her right now, and she has such a beautiful voice. God! She’s a rising star and sings REALLY good. Just YouTube her. I first heard her in Autumn’s Concerto and completely fell for her voice.

Good Songs: Wo Ai Ta,I Love Him’ (我爱他)”, “Shan Guang Deng, ‘Flashlight’ (闪光灯)”, “Tu Ran Xiang Ai Ni, ‘Suddenly Want To Love You’ (突然想爱你)”, “Ni Wei Shen Me Shuo Huang, ‘Why Did You Lie’ (你为什么说谎)“.

Wo Ai Ta, ‘I Love Him’ (我爱他)


Fahrenheit (飞轮海)

How Good?: Uh.. Best boy band in Taiwan.

My Opinion: I absolutely love every one of their songs. I mean literally. And, they’re all hot. Sometimes, I feel Jiro’s hair is spiked up too much, but that’s just me. 😀

Good Songs: Xin Li You Shu, ‘We Know In Our Hearts’ (心里有数)”, “Hen An Jing, ‘Very Quiet’ (很安静)”, “Heng Xing, ‘Shining Star’ (恆星)”, “Xin Wo, ‘New Home’ (新窝)”, “Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue, ‘Only Have Feelings For You’ (只对你有感觉)”.

Xin Wo, ‘New Home’ (新窝)


Big Bang (빅뱅)

How Good?: Okay…

My Opinion: K-Pop fans are probably going to hate me for saying this, but I’m not a big fan Korean music… I like Big Bang and SS501 and some others, but I enjoy Taiwanese music better. Big Bang is probably my favorite Korean boy band considering I like some of their songs.

Good Songs: Haru Haru, Lollipop (With 2EN1), Lies, Always



Rainie Yang (杨丞琳)

How Good?: Great.

My Opinion: I actually have a lot of her songs on my iTunes, and I still listen to them, even though I’ve listened to them about a million times already. You guys might have a different opinion, but in my point of view, she’s a great singer

Good Songs: Yu Ai, ‘Rain Love’ (雨爱)”, “Ai Mei, ‘My Intuition’ (暧昧)”, “In Your Eyes (With Show Lo)”, “Qing Chun Dou, ‘Youth Bucket’ (青春斗), “Er Du Lian Ai, ‘Second Degree Love’ (二度恋爱)”.

Ai Mei, ‘My Intuition’ (暧昧)

In the beginning, Mike He is talking about the drama Devil Beside You.


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