The Words.

Actually, I don’t really use words that most people can’t understand, like Korean or Japanese.. But this is basically an outline of common used words that people use in their blogs, or fansubs.

Hope this helped you a lot. ^^


  1. Baka – Stupid; Idiot or fool.
  2. CM – Commercial.
  3. Gomenasai – Sorry.
  4. Honto – Really.
  5. Ikeman – A good looking man.
  6. Kawaii – Cute.
  7. Onigaishimasu – Please.
  8. Sake – A type of Japanese liquor.
  9. Senpai – A senior to you; Who has a higher ranking than you, can be by grade, skill, etc.
  10. Sensei – Teacher.
  11. Sugoi – Awesome; Cool.
  12. SumimasenSorry.
  13. Yakuza – Japanese gangster; The criminal underworld.
  14. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu – Has a lot of meanings, but the most common one is ‘Pleased to meet you’.


  1. Ahjumma – A middle age woman that’s married.
  2. Ahjusshi – The opposite of Ahjumma.
  3. Chaebol – The head of a family owned corporation, can be female or male.
  4. Dongsaeng – Basically means younger sibling, can be used between blood related siblings or a close friend you think as your younger sibling.
  5. Hyung – Older brother; used between males only; can be used between blood related sibling or a close friend.
  6. Hyungnim – A more formal version of Hyung.
  7. Noona – Older sister; used by a man to a woman.
  8. Oppa – Older brother; used by a woman to a older man.
  9. Sageuk Drama – Historical drama.
  10. Soju – A type of Korean liquor.
  11. Sunbae – A senior.
  12. Unni – Older sister; used between woman.

Um. I’m not putting anything for Chinese because.. IDK.


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